Twitter Is De-Emphasizing Followed Counts In iOS App Redesign!

Published Date : 2018-11-20 09:28:42
Twitter has made follower counts appear less noticeable on its iOS application by making the text size smaller in a new redesign effort, as per a Twitter employee. The change comes after CEO Jack Dorsey more than once said that he needs to reconsider how the organization could prioritize "important" discussions over numbers like retweets, likes, and follows. 

Follower counts are only one snippet of data that has been de-emphasized by way of this redesign. A Twitter spokesperson unveiled that different subtle details like locations, birthday events, join dates, mutual follows, and following counts have been made smaller as well. The type and spacing sizes have been changed to prioritize a few snippets of data on user profiles over others, the employee said. 
The change is elusive, yet it's a part of Twitter's plans to rehash a portion of the features of the platform. By decreasing the text dimensions, user' eyes aren't drawn to the number as much as when it's bigger. 

In past meetings, Dorsey has more than once noted that he might want to make follower counts a less essential element on user profiles. By emphasizing an accounts’ number of followers, Dorsey trusts it boosts people to post all the more polarizing content that can possibly circulate around the web and draw in more followers, making a more disruptive and dangerous discourse on the platform. 

In a meeting in New Delhi, Dorsey said that when building up the platform, he and his team at first "made the [followers] text dimension somewhat bigger than everything else on the page. We didn't really contemplate it and proceeded onward to the following issue to comprehend. What that has done is we put all the emphasis, not intending to, on that number of what number of individuals follow me. So, if that number is huge and bold, what would individuals like to do with it? They need to influence it to go up."

Follow counts are one part in Twitter's reconsidering of a portion of the core aspects of its platform. Rumors emerged a month ago that the organization was thinking whether to remove the "like" feature for tweets also, yet it never affirmed those reports.

A portion of these changes have all the earmarks of being on Android effectively, similar to the follower account text dimension, however, different snippets of data, like join date, still seem bigger.

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