Google Is Advancing With Its New Project to Control Devices with Touchless Hand Gestures!

Published Date : 2019-01-04 14:55:02
Google just got one step closer to the likelihood of controlling a smart device by means of hand signals from a remote place. It won government endorsement to proceed with its tiny radar project from 2015, "Project Soli," at higher power levels for better precision. 

Google has been putting efforts on this in its experimental division for a considerable length of time. Rather than tapping directly on a screen, the project proposed using gestures like rubbing your thumb and forefinger together to control a smartwatch or smart speaker. 

With this technology, you could conceivably turn on a JBL smart speaker by moving a hand nearer to it or turn music on or off with a flick of your fingers. The small radar sensors inside the speaker would detect your hand movements. 

After its underlying debut as a prototype, Project Soli hit a road bump on the grounds that the radar wasn't precisely noticing user gestures, and its experienced difficulty picking up each movement. This implied client could just attempt a predetermined number of motions that a smartwatch could get. Google credited these issues to the low power levels the smartwatch needed to work on because of the Federal Communication Commission's restrictions.

In March, Google applied for a waiver from the FCC to work at higher power levels. At first, Facebook protested that giving Google higher radar levels could mess with existing technology, yet after the two organizations had talks, they reached a compromise. Google consented to bring down power levels than what it had first proposed, and in return, Facebook called it quits from opposing the waiver, as indicated by Reuters.

On December 31st, the FCC conceded the waiver in the wake of confirming that Project Soli could serve the public interest and had minimal potential for causing harm. The endorsement implies that Soli can move forward, bringing us closer to a future with interactive touchless smart speakers and displays. The technology could possibly add greater functionality to smartwatches, which have tiny displays that can be cumbersome to use. It could likewise help users who have slight mobility or tactile impairments. 

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