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Materials and Chemicals market research is an essential part of what forms business today as the industry aims at continuous growth opportunities while facing challenges. We provide industry-specific market intelligence solutions that are tailor-made to enable stakeholders in the industry to handle these concerns to accomplish sustainable development, have a competitive edge, win more consumers, and curtail cost.

Latest Reports Of Materials and Chemicals

 Chemicals And Materials

Global Hydrocinnamic Acid Market Professional Survey Report 2019

Hydrocinnamic acid is a chemical reagent. Its chemical formula is C9H10O2. Under normal conditions, it is White crystalline powder with a slight sweet aroma, slightly balsamic and coumarin aroma. H ...

 Chemicals And Materials

Global Black Tea Extract Market Professional Survey Report 2019

Black tea is extracted from Camellia sinensis plant and it is transformed into powder. The global Black Tea Extract market was valued at xx million US$ in 2018 and will reach xx million US$ by the en ...

 Chemicals And Materials

Global Steep Slope Roofing Materials Market Professional Survey Report 2019

A steep slope roofing is defined as roofing that are suitable for roofs possessing slopes of 3:12 or greater. The market in North America is set to dominate the global steep slope roofing materials ma ...

 Chemicals And Materials

Global Textile Materials Market Professional Survey Report 2019

Textile materials refer to fiber and fiber products, which are specifically shown as fiber, yarn, fabric and its composite. Rising demand from Asia-Pacific region a major driver for the growth of the ...

 Chemicals And Materials

Global Sustainable (Green) Packaging Market Professional Survey Report 2019

The green and sustainable packaging market is broad, and covers packaging technologies such as lightweighting, biodegradable packaging, and packaging solutions to increase shelf life and reduce waste ...

 Chemicals And Materials

Global Surface Active Agents Market Professional Survey Report 2019

Surfactant is a substance added with a small amount which can significantly alter the interface state of its solution system. The report provides separate comprehensive analytics for the US, Canada, J ...

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